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LW Sante Fe
ILR # 125862
DOB: 10/31/94
LW Willie K_ X _LW Sangria

One of the country’s premier full Bolivian herdsires, LW Sante Fe, is the essence of what Four Ladies & Me Farm is searching for in its breeding program and what we define as a “perfect” llama. Sired by one of the linchpins of the llama industry, LW Willie K and on the dam’s side a grandson of another legendary Bolivian herdsire, LW Kissam, Sante Fe comes from the best of the best. When Iris Christ originally parted with him in her first production sale in 1996 she is said to have commented he was one of her “most favorite males.” Sante Fe moved from Llama Woods, to the Burgess’ program in 1996. They sold him to Danny Keller and Carolyn Myers in the October 1999 Celebrity Sale for $23,000 (highest selling male). Danny and Carolyn were gracious to allow us to continue with the tradition of ownership. LW Sangria, Sante Fe’s dam, was purchased at one of the Llama Woods sales by the Wilkins for their fine breeding program. Sante Fe started his career in the show ring taking Grands and Best of Shows culminating with a sixth at the 1998 ALSA Grand Nationals. All this is only one year.

He has 45 registered cria, 25 females and 20 males. All are multicolor except three and 35 have black and white patterns (a personal preference on our farm). His own fiber is true black (which he passes on) and white, heavy wool, with a wonderful crimpy lock structure. Sante Fe has beautiful proportions, good size, heads up presence and the best ears on the farm (bunny ears as our daughters say).

This fellow is a good breeder, aggressive but not overly so. He loves to show the girls he’s interested, bouncing around his pasture and swishing his tail when they are walked by his fence line. He is very laid back and calm, which he also passes on to his off spring. We shear him standing in the barn without restraint. He is super easy. Carolyn Myers told us when we purchased him that we “are really going to like handling him. His disposition is to die for and especially if you have children.” Boy was she right!

1997 Houston State Fair
Two Year Old HW Male – 1st
Grand Champion Male (class of 19)
Best of Show

1998 New Mexico State Fair
Adult HW Male – 1st
Grand Champion Male (class of 17)
Best of Show

1998 Nebraska State Fair
Adult HW Male – 1st

1998 ALSA Grand Nationals
Adult HW Male- 6th (class of 27)



Apuesto (M) FFF Sante Fe's Halo (F) FFF Intrique (F) FFF Chocolate Dip (F)
KLR Timon (M) KLR Entay By Sante Fe (F) Pentium (M) KLR Sante Fe Moon (M)
FFF Vanilla Swirl Sante Maria Sante Rico Bolivian Bentley

FFF Vanilla Swirl (F)

Sante Maria (F)

Sante Rico (M)

Bolivian Bentley (M)
4L&M Peach Marmalade (F)        
4L&M Peach Marmalade (F)





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LW Sante Fe ILR


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