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MSF The Patriot
MSF The Patriot
ILR # 259869
DOB 12/14/04
Tuna Catcher X MSF Heidi

We are thrilled that The Patriot will be gracing our pastures. He is one of the most reknown heavy wool males in the country. We have always admired the Tuna Catcher line and we feel that MSF The Patriot represents the best of that. He has won so many Grand Championships there are too many to list . His cria present the same flash, bone, color, and wool coverage that he exhibits. In addition, he is a gentle giant and his offspring inherit that disposition.  The boy was first in his class at Grand Nationals as a juvenile.

MSF The Patriot 


MSF Cappucino De Magnet
MSF Cappucino De Magnet (F)
SPV Trick-Or-Treat
SPV Trick-Or-Treat (F)
Sapaveco's Chill Factor
Sapaveco's Chill Factor (M)
Sapaveco's I'm Your Huckleberry
Sapaveco's I'm Your Huckleberry (M)
Sapaveco's Feel That Fire
Sapaveco's Feel That Fire (M)
Sapaveco's Ricky Bobby
Sapaveco's Ricky Bobby (M)
Sapaveco's Lady Liberty
Sapaveco's Lady Liberty (F)
Sapaveco's Poker Face
Sapaveco's Poker Face (M)
Sapaveco's Simply Amazing
Sapaveco's Simply Amazing (F)
Sapaveco's Feel That Fire 
Sapaveco's Feel That Fire (M) 
Sapaveco's Temptation
Sapaveco's Temptation
4L&M Patriot's Heart
4L&M Patriot's Heart
(M) 2014
4L&M unnamed male
4L&M Patriot's Pride (M) 2014
4L&M unnamed male
4L&M Patriot's Salute
(M) 2014
4L&M Soup or Salad (SOS) 4L&M Soup or Salad (SOS)
(M) 2015 
4L&M Constantina Turner
4L&M Constantina Turner (F) 2015 
4L&M Sweatie
4L&M Sweatie (F) 2016
4L&M Merlina
4L&M Merlina (F)
4L&M Sour Pants
4L&M Sour Pants (M)



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